Friday, February 8, 2013

Saké-too-me! Cucumber ginger sakétini

I'm wishing all those Canadians home from work and school today a very happy snow day. I'm enjoying this lovely weather from the comfort of my in home office. Yes my life is pretty good! This is a requested post coming from a client of The Fooding Company who I recently chef'ed a dinner party for. I created a signature cocktail for the Asian themed menu. We served the very famous Korean charred beef & slaw dish you all know and love as well as some other delicious dishes that have yet to be blogged about. This cocktail is refreshing and super delicious.  

For those of you scratching your heads thinking "what the heck is saké" it's actually a delicious fermented rice (alcoholic) beverage . Most non Asians think saké is rice wine, which isn't technically true. Wine and saké have very different fermenting processes. Wine is created by fermenting sugar and saké is a brewing process much like beer, but still it is unique only to it's self.

Cucumber ginger Saketini: The break down is pretty easy: 1spoonful of cucumber ginger puree, 1 part plum wine, 2 parts sake, top off with ginger ale (Canada Dry brand is the best) add a spritz of fresh lime juice & garnish with a cucumber slice. - Follow the order to create the perfect layered cocktail.

Plum wine
Coarse filter sweet sake (pink bottle)
cucumber/ ginger puree
ginger ale
lime juice
cucumber slices

Peel and blend 1 English cucumber along with 2 inch knob of fresh ginger, 1tsp of sugar - strain 1/2 of the mixture (I like to leave a little bit of texture, it goes nice with the creaminess of the coarse filter sake).  

Enjoy your weekend everyone and perhaps a tasty cocktail... 乾杯 (kan-pai) which means dry the glass or cheers ;)