Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vote for me!

Howdy 'yall. I just wanted to let you know about a food photo contest I recently entered and ask if you would please check it out and vote for me. I do warn you the photo is supper yummy looking so try not to drool while you vote. 
Happy humpday ;)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Superfood breakfast yogurt - start your morning off with a bang

Good morning! Today's post is all about my new obsession, a healthy breakfast combination that's packed with SEVEN superfoods. What are super foods? They are healthy, nutritious foods with high nutrient or phytochemical content. They are whole foods, mostly raw food and unrefined. This combination can be made quickly and enjoyed any time of the day. You can use whatever berries you like, I happen to be obsessed with these sunny gooseberries, so that's what I used.

1. Golden berries - Also known as cape gooseberries. These bright, citrusy berries are high in protein, packed with vitamin C, A, and B12, it's a good source of carotenoids, which may help protect against cancer and heart disease. If a tomato, strawberry and pineapple had a baby it would be this delicious fruit.

2. Hemp hearts - Are a balanced source of plant based protein, essential fats, & vitamins such as omega 3 & 6. They are great for increasing energy, weight loss and can improve digestion. Hemp seeds are an excellent food for diabetics because it aids in regulating blood sugar by keeping insulin in check. Hemp hearts or shelled hemp seeds taste kinda of nutty, they are great on salads or sprinkled on whole grain toast with nut butter.  

3. Black chia seeds - Also called salvia, are crunchy poppy seeds looking thing. If you're thinking I wonder they are the same as chia pets, then you are bang on. Chia comes in black, white and speckled brown, although nutritional research has found that the black variety have 13% - 15% more antioxidants then the other varieties. Chia is a great source of omega 3 & 6 which can lower blood pressure. They are an anti inflammatory food which makes them easy to digest and really helps to keep your bm's healthy and regular. These powerful seeds are also good for helping to detoxify the body, increase metabolism and improve memory. They do not need to be ground to extract the health benefits so go ahead and toss them into your next smoothy, bowl of cereal or on top of a salad. 

4. Bee pollen - Is really one of natures best kept secrets. These sweet little nuggets have been used in treating asthma, digestive issues, anemia, fatigue, depression, acne, hemorrhoids, obesity, rheumatism and arthritis - wow. They are also pretty good at helping to heal the common cold and to sooth a sore throat. 

5. Plain Greek yogurt -If you've never tried the stuff it's amazing! It has about twice the protein, has less carbohydrates and it's lower in sodium then regular yogurt not to mention it's much more creamy and luxurious.The only down side is that it is lower in calcium.

6. Cinnamon - A spice known and loved by all. Cinnamon can regulate blood sugar, energy level and your mood. It reduces LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff) and can reduce the pain linked to arthritis, and pms by regulating hormones. It contains fiber, calcium, iron and magnese.

7. Maple syrup -Aside from being lower is sugar then honey, maple syrups is an antioxidant power house. It contains enzymes that can reduce inflammation which makes it a great choice for people who suffer from inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's. It can settle digestive issues and help with muscle recovery. It's very high in magnese which helps the body repair cell damage within the muscles. Even though pure maple syrup contains a healthy dose of zinc, iron, calcium and potassium doesn't mean you can eat it all the time - it is still sugar!

1/2 cup berries
1 serving plane Greek yogurt
1 tbs Black chia
1.5 tbs hemp hearts
1 tbs bee pollen 
1 tbs maple syrup
sprinkle of cinnamon 

Happy Monday yall. xo JVP

Friday, January 18, 2013

Stuck in the middle of the Puerto Vallarta airport

Hola mi amigos and amigas. I'm just checking in to say a quick hello while I'm stuck sitting in the middle of the PVR airport. My flight is delayed and I'm sitting miles away from my gate so I can score some free wifi and keep myself amused for the time being. I hope everyone had a lovely week. I know I did enjoying lots of fresh seafood, sun and sand. I'll upload some yummy photos next week when I have a chance to edit through everything. For now I'll leave you with a little collage teaser from my Instagram. Which for some reason is banned at the airport. #nobueno there goes the next 20 minutes of amusement. I guess I'll have to play angry birds instead.
Chow for now

Ps. After all that I can't even publish this until I get home. Wah wah wah.... Sad face 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy new year peeps... See ya in a week

Howdy y'all. I know I'm late on the New Years wishes but I've been sick in bed like most of Toronto with a terrible flu. I hope everyone had a delicious time ringing in the new year. I just wanted to say I quick good bye or adios since I'm off to my home away from home Mexico! Wooohoooo. Waiting in the airport for my flight to board. I've got a purse full of trashy magazines and a turkey and mustard sandwich on multigrain bread & chickpea salad from Heirloom cafe. It actually looks pretty good. I also picked up a bag of my fav gourmet popcorn 479• (black truffle & white aged cheddar) & a limonatta. Traveling in style. Chow for now Toronto. Xoxo