Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food for thought - Cooking Class

I'm trying to gather some information about cooking learning and exploring. If you were to go to a cooking class what would you want to learn? How much or how little do you know about food, ingredients, techniques etc...? Are you culinarily challenged, are you Tomato Snob looking for new ways to spice up your repetoire? Do you have a list of signature dishes you make all the time - is your family sick of your signature dishes that you make all the time. Are you the type of person who buys cook books. Have you ever watched an online tutorial on how to _____? Do you follow recipes? Do you write your own recipes? How do you decide what's for dinner? Tell me more... Do you watch the Food Network? If you do watch the food network who's show do you love? Who's show do you hate? What style of cooking intrigues you most? What type of food do you like the best? Have you ever been to a cooking class? If so what was it like? What did you make? Did you enjoy the experience? Did you wish you had spent your money on fancy dinner out with a lover instead. Did you learn things you could apply in your everyday cooking. Did you find you knew more then the person teaching you? Please tell me! Write me @ or click comment and give us some insight. Looking forward to your food for thought. Chow for now!

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