Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fiery tomato & fennel soup

This recipe is coming to you with out a photo... for now. I promise the next time I make it to really doll it up. This is a soup my mother has made every year for the Jewish holidays and I just love it. I didn't even need a recipe to re create it so its super ABC (easy). I made it recently for a friends dinner party and it was a HUGE hit. Stove top is definitely faster then roasting which can ad up to an hour, but I have to admit the flavor can't be beat, roasting is always my preference. There's nothing better then making huge vats of this soup at the end of the summer with fresh roma's and freezing it. I'll give you the breezy version today INGREDIENTS: Fiery Tomato Fennel Soup
Serves 6: prep: 5 mins cook: 25 mins
1 can roma tomatoes - crushed/ chopped/ whole whatever you have on hand
3 leeks
3 fennel bulbs - save the greens for garnish
1/2 can tomato paste
1 carton chicken or veg stock - 4 cups 
2 pre-roasted red peppers skin off (optional) 
olive oil 
chili flakes or oil - (optional) 
PREP: Rough chop leeks and fennel
COOK: Sautee leeks and fennel in evoo on medium heat until translucent (about 10 mins) sprinkle s&p. Add tomatoes + paste chicken broth, and bring to the boil. Let simmer about 20 mins. Remove from heat - blend until smooth... Check for seasoning... ENJOY
SERVE: Drizzle of high quality Olive Oil, some chili flakes or chili oil or for a real treat basil oil, and the green fennel ferns sprinkled on top. 

EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


  1. What a great soup, I've had it twice and its never enough

  2. I love it too....


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