Monday, June 25, 2012

My legendary Kale salad

 Good Monday to you all. I've been obsessed with this salad for the last five or six months now. I eat it so often I don't even think of it as something to photograph and blog about, but since so many of my friends and family have requested the recipe I think its time to let you all in on this simple and delicious salad. The ingredients definitely vary depending on what's in my fridge/ pantry but the star remains - the simple dressing and the kale! The photo is just one example including fresh green peas & purple cabbage. Basically everything but the kale, tomatoes & some sort of cabbage is optional. The dressing is also not exact just taste until you are happy with the acid, salt garlic balance. You can also add lentils or beans to the salad for extra protein, or serve with your favorite entree - anything works!

organic kale - julienned
red cabbage (or green) - julienned
romaine lettuce - julienned (optional)
cherry tomatoes - divided
avocado - chopped
hearts of palm - sliced/ chopped 
fresh green peas (optional)
radishes - thinly sliced (optional)
garlic - 1 clove minced
lemon juice - squeeze
apple cider vinegar - splash
s & p - to taste 
olive oil - drizzle

You pretty much just toss everything together until the salad is dressed really well, and seasoned to your taste. If you omit the romaine lettuce the salad will stand up over night and be great the next day. Feel free to play around with adding other veggies you like and make this your very own. 



  1. Thank you for this recipe! I like to add kale to soups and stews but have never tried a salad with it. Your recipe looks both healthy and delicious! Allen.

  2. I LOVE eating raw kale as a salad base. This salad is perfect and filled with veggie goodness. Great job.

  3. so glad that you finally posted this salad that I so enjoyed on Mother's Day would you please post your amazing green salsa verde for steak, fish and chicken that I also couldn't stop eating the other night at dinner. xoxo Mom

  4. this looks wonderful colourful salad

  5. I need to cook with kale more often, what a tasty looking salad! I've actually heard that if you massage the kale with oil or vinegar, it can soften it up and make it more flavourful. I've never tried it myself, but perhaps with this salad recipe I'm more prepared to!

  6. Love your recipe! Your kale salad looks so fantastic and has so many of my favourite ingredients! Also, I liked it so much that I featured it on my blog:

  7. kale avocado heart of palm - amazing!


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