Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sharing: Cast Iron Cooking Myths

Hello Snoblets, 

I just wanted to share this great post on the myths of cast iron cookware. It's a useful read and I would agree with all of these except for #5. I actually don't like to use mettle utensils on any of my cook wear, I reserve it strictly for bbqing.

What do you use your cast iron cookware for?

I love mine for...  Searing meat & finishing in the oven, skillet corn bread, frittata or tortilla espanola and...
Blackened sword fish steaks

Charred Peaches, onions and jalapeno (dry roasting) for salsa

Shakshuka (baked eggs in tomato sauce) with fresh arugula
Dry roasting chilies, onions spices.
Roasted whole chicken & root veg

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  1. Thanks for sharing the blog post. It’s really import to look after cast iron skillets properly otherwise they just rust and become unusable. All your kitchen gadgets and small appliances will last longer if you give them a bit of TLC. I agree with you about not using metal utensils too. I never use them on any of my cookware.

    Lisa @ Westinghouse Small Appliances


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