Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cupcake heaven - ming makes cupcakes

Holy cupcake food porn, I 'm salivating all over myself.  The site of these sweet treats are almost satisfying enough. Everyone loves cupcakes and there is this ongoing battle for the best of. I would love the chance to try these cupcakes from mingmakescupcakes a site of amazing recipes by one very skilled cupcake baker.  I may just have to blog my way through their recipes a la "Julie and Julia" style. Maybe not such a great idea since i'm in the thick of my fat off. Must look fab for my engagement party in August. Will have to make these over the next few years or something... I usually try and make recipes healthier and less fattening, but that would just be wrong in this case. I challenge any of you to try some of these recipes - but please invite me over! Look out for my upcoming trip to NYC and my Magnolia Bakery review. Chow for now!

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