Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pan fried haddock with golden beets and fiddle heads

Another triumph! If I do say so myself my plating is getting better and better. My partner Jovan told me this was restaurant plating. Now if only my photography skills would improve as well. One of the most difficult things to do is take beautiful pictures of beautiful food - not the easiest subject matter. This was my first time using or eating fiddleheads, and while I did enjoy them  I must advise they are definitely an aquired taste like ocra. They both have the same sort of slimy quality to them. Its best to quickly blanch them before sauteing.

FISH: Haddock is a great meaty fish most commonly used for fish and chips, but of course not limited to. I seasoned mine with a bit of dijon mustard sumac s&p.  Pan fried the fish with a little white wine and butter it was fantabulous! Ridiculously delicious.
BEETS: thinly sliced and simply roasted with olive oil s&p.
FIDDLEHEADS:  from previous recipe
All on a bed of spinach with some finely chopped parsley dusted over everything. Sorry no formal recipe.  Perhaps one day I will re make this stunning dish and publish the recipe so all you tomato snobs at home can taste the deliciousness.

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