Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've been bad! Real bad. I haven't grocery shopped in over two weeks. I've been working like mad, and lucky enough to be invited up to cottages the last two weekends. Today was the big day. The day I finally fill my fridge back up. I just love my new grocery store. Lady York on Dufferin st. just north of Lawrence is great. Inexpensive, lots of local produce and filled with awesome Italian treats. I love going to the cheese or meat counter "eh bella what can I get for you today" says an old Italian mama. It's definitely an experience since almost everyone is Italian and they just assume I'm one of them as well.  Jews and Italians go together like spaghetti and matzo balls, same European family values, and a great love of food.  Anyways back to my post. At the end of the vegetable isle where these amazing baskets of roma tomatoes for 1.99, they also had a jumbo basket for 6.99 half the price of Fortinos - another Italian grocery store near by.  I just had to buy a  bunch. Roma tomatoes are the perfect choice for canning or sauce as they have a thick flesh and very few seeds. They are also know as Italian plum tomatoes and can come in red or yellow. I know it's the perfect weekend to make a huge batch of "red sauce" (tomato sauce). Something most Italian families do at the end of every harvest. They make batches of the stuff and freeze it for the winter.  If  only I had a nona (Italian grandma) she would be so proud. I also scored a huge bunch of fresh basil for my sauce now all I need is a bottle of vino - Salute! 

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