Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of summer roasted corn soup - heaven

I love corn, who doesn't right? Fresh from the farm summer corn pure bliss. Well I decided that yesterday was the day I made soup from my lovely yellow kernels of sweetness. It was fantastic!
Sweet Summer Corn Soup: INGREDIENTS:
3 years of corn - roasted
1/2 onion - sweet onion chopped
1 clove garlic - fine chop
celery salt - pinch
red chili flakes - optional 
2 bay leaf
1tbs butter
2 cups water or veg stock
1 cup butter milk 
PREP: roast corn on cob glazed with 1 tsp honey, canola oil and red pepper flakes for 30 mins until bright yellow or starting to golden. Let cool then cut corn off cob - put to side. Chop onion and garlic. 

COOK: Add 1tsp oil and butter to pot add in onion and garlic cook a minute or two. Add celery salt pepper and chili flakes cook another few minutes until onions are translucent. Add corn - then water/stock and bay leaf. Bring to a boil then drop the heat and let simmer about 10 mins. Remove bay leaf from the pot before blending the soup. Blend until semi smooth. Then add the buttermilk to the mixture after (off the heat of will separate). You can put the bay leaf back in and leave the soup to stay warm on a very low heat.

GARNISH: to be fancy chop parsley or cilantro on top with drizzle of chili oil & few corn nibblets. Or to be totally gluttonous some cheese shavings pecorino/spicy calabrese/even blue would be nice.  Serve with zucchini muffins for a really delicious lunch. 


  1. yum yum. sounds WAY better than chilled yellow gazpacho soup! :) we going up north this wknd to friends cottage. the flowers r dead. :( we will be here on monday if u want to come over. XO Joey

  2. It was so much better that was a lame excuse for gazpacho. I'll give you my recipe it's authentic Spanish and amazing.

  3. mmm just finished making the corn chowder and it turned out delicious!! I roasted and seasoned the corn beforehand and used cream instead of butter milk..Thanks for the great recipe!!!


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