Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Low fat idea of the day - Indian Saag Paneer with tofu

Saag paneer is one of my all time favorite Indian dishes. It's rich and creamy and a little bit spicy and totally satisfying. Saag which means spinach and paneer which means cheese is best enjoyed over perfectly fluffy basmati rice or scooped up with fresh garlic naan. It's not fat people kinda food, purely a gluttonous delight to be eaten once in a while definitely a treat. I had been trying to stay away from Indian food for a while. It's deadly very high in fat and oh so delicious, when I eat it I crave it for days, and smell of it for the next 24 hours at least. It's kind of funny how it seeps out of my pores during spin class. I had a brick of lonely tofu in my I'm so busy I have no time to grocery shop fridge. Along with a package of fresh spinach, half an onion some minced garlic and ginger cube I had left in the freezer. This was one of those survivor kind of meals I've told you about in the past. See how long you can hold off until buying groceries, living off pantry items and canned goods. It's kinda fun, you should all try it sometime. Test your skills in the kitchen for sure. Anyways I thought this lonely brick of tofu would be a great substitute for paneer in this low fat version of my saag dish. I don't remember what my recipe was, but I substituted low fat coconut milk instead of cream, and I used a great spice blend I got at the Indian Bazar on Gerrard St. E. I served the dish with a homemade vegetarian biryani. Pretty good for my first attempt at Indian food. Next time I'll be sure to write a recipe. 


  1. Sounds great. I love Indian food, and can relate to the cravings that go on for days after eating it. One of my faves is chicken tikka masala -- I made one (posted on my blog) where you marinate the chicken in yogurt then grill it then cook it in the sauce. The whole house smells wonderful for days (may help with the intense cravings too!) Great post!

    Erin (this would be an awesome addition to Potluck Fridays)

  2. Hey Erin, thanks for the visit. Tikka Masala is another tried and true dish. MMmm curry scented room spray can you imagine. ;)


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