Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Loblaws, shame on you!

I came upon this article on my cousins fb page today. It's the very reason why i've pretty much given up shopping at large grocery stores and favor smaller ethnic grocers or farmers markets. There is nothing I hate more then going to your local grocer and seeing fruit and veg from the USA or Mexico when that very item is in season right here in Canada. I'm always excited to see baskets of stunning produce with the little white and green Ontario logo peeking around the sides. I've said it before, and I'll say it again Go local whenever you can! If you're not sure where something comes from check the label or ask one of the people in the produce section. Nine times out of ten they can tell you if it's local or not. I hate having to buy garlic from China - it totally weirds me out! Although I must admit I can't resist Mangosteen and Rambutan season in China Town. Once in a while I have to splurge, but all in the name of fine fooding. For more information on sustainability and going green go to


  1. love it cousin! xo joey

  2. I just found out that most of the corn on the market right now is GMO...The next day I got an article link on my Facebook stream about how 3 different strains of GMO corn caused organ damage in rats...Today we bought corn to feed waterbirds from a local store who sources corn locally...We both ate a niblet of the dried whole untreated bird feed grade corn while feeding waterbirds...It tasted GMO...Just because it was local didn't mean it wasn't GMO...If I can get an organic product that is not locally grown I will consider it...We have to teach Canadians not to settle for GMO seeds...If it means taking our business elsewhere, then so be it...I am not going to settle for GMO local corn if I can force my local farmer into paying more to make his farm organic...


Thanks for your two cents. I love change!