Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beginning of the end of summer wrap up

So you all know I neglected the blog this summer with moving and wedding planning and all, I've decided that instead of celebrating the fall any further I'm going to do a summer recipe wrap up. There are a bunch of dishes we enjoyed this summer that were blog worthy and I think you loyal readers deserve to know about them. We going to get it started with this quick soup served cold. It's an apricot gazpacho with mint. INGREDIENTS: 
a dozen fresh apricots - rough chop
1/2 English cucumber - de-seeded and skinned then rough chopped
1 shallot - rough chop
1 celery stocks - rough chop
1 yellow pepper - rough chop
1/2 or more lemon- juiced or any citrus 
mint - few leaves (5) for blending mixture and some for the garnish
s & p
olive oil 
PREP: Using a hand blender or whatever appliance you choose blend ingredients together roughly - you don't want a smooth blend rather little bits still visible. 
SERVE: in a glass with a small spoon drizzled with olive oil and fresh mint. Summer in a glass - a wonderful way to start a backyard BBQ! 

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