Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First times a charm - 5 Spice tofu with over Asian slaw

This was a stumble upon delicious recipe yet again. I always break the golden rules of entertaining. NEVER MAKE SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME WHEN THROWING A DINNER PARTY!! For me it ads a sense of adventure, plus it really wows your guests when you tell then it's the first time you've made the dish and they ooohh, and aaahh over your amazing accomplishments. Recipes definitely make this dangerous party trick easier, but since I rarely use them I want you all to pull this off with ease.  5 Spice tofu with over Asain slaw INGREDIENTS:
firm tofu - cut in half width wise so you have 2 large steaks
1 yellow pepper - cut in to thin strips
1/2 english cucumber - " " "
2 large carrots - " " "
handful of fresh mint - chop into thin strips
chinese 5 spice blend - for tofu
sesame oil - for dressing small drizzle
soya sauce - light 2tsp
rice wine vinegar - 2tsp
hoisen sauce - 2tsp
grape seed oil - or other mild flavored oil - 2tsp
sesame seeds - black is preferred but it's optional.
PREP: dust both side of tofu with the 5 spice. For salad place all veggie in bowl and toss with dressing. 
COOK: in a hot pan drizzle some grape seed oil then fry tofu until golden and slightly crisp on each side.  Remove from heat and cut into cubes. 
SERVE: tofu on top of salad with sprinkle of sesame seeds and mint ribbons. 

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