Friday, December 3, 2010

To bake or not to bake... apples are the question!

Some apples are for eating, and others are destined for even more delicious adventures.  I'm doing some baking today and I usually defer to my sissy (sister) for an answer to the ever popular question of "which apples are good for baking?" I've come upon this great article on This is a great go to list of which local apples are for eat, and which are for bake! I encourage you all to print out this article and save it with the rest of your food files and recipes. You can always ask your local grocer if you have to make a quick shopping decision and want to be sure. Identifying which apples are suitable for a sauce or tart is extremely difficult since there are 7500 different type of apples around the globe. Rest assured not all of them are available for commercial consumption. If you are curious to know more about these 7500 varieties go to


  1. I had no idea there are this many varieties of apples, wow!
    Thanks for the link, really educational to say the least. I am going to do some apple quizzing with the company this weekend.

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