Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Barchef review - Beverages that Bling

A while back I went out with a few friends to this uber hip place called barchef. I can't believe I never knew about this hot spot when I lived in the area not that I could afford to go there too often anyways. This place is major mulla $$$ so be prepared to indulge. The atmosphere is trendy hipster goth with a side of sexy. It's also been rated one of the top bars in the world by my favorite food guide Food and Wine magazine (who knew).  The menu is filled with strange words and descriptions but it all sounds amazing. The staff really know their way around to navigate you through all the bs. so you can find a bevy that best suits your taste buds. Our server was great - obviously I had a bunch of questions i'm always the yappy one at the table. When a cocktail can run you up to 50 big ones you better order something with a good possibility of liking it. We all agreed to order something different. Swapping spit is a must in my group of besties since we all love f&b and always want what the person next to us has ordered. 
Ginger Lemon Mash *** Just divine refreshing mmmm...
Midnight Mask *** The ultimate vampire cocktail, had this stunning dark red colour. Was sweet and spice and mysterious. 
Sailors Mojito *** the beach essence was a delicious surprise as well as the mojito ravioli. Other then that it tasted like a mojito. 
VanGogh's Downfall *** Very good, can't really remember too much about this one... maybe it was the one too many ;)
Mad Men ** Interesting but not amazing, tobacco was kinda lost on me. 
Smooth as sage ** Very delicious a bit heavy on the vanilla syrup. 
Overall great drinks, good music and fun atmosphere they were playing some wacky old black and white movie that was being projected on a wall  totally reminded me of the terrace at the Drake Hotel.  Tables are kinda close together and everyone stares at you while your drink is being brought over. There's a lot of pointing and oo'ing and "what's that over there" going on. Some cocktails can take a while to prepare since there are so many little finishing touches going into them. If your looking for a 6$ jack and coke go elsewhere... It's a slap in the face to the mixologist (no bartenders here). Would definitely go back again for a special occasion. Definitely interested to see what the food is like. 
Chow for now. 

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