Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Tomatoes On A Vine

I'm back from my weddingmoon extravaganza. Two weeks in sunny beautiful Mexico flew by and I'm back home in Toronto dreaming about all the fun and delicious days we had. Our wedding group was made up of about 50 something Torontonians  and another 10 stragglers from the US of our nearest and dearest friends and family. The majority of us stayed at the Dreams Villamagna resort in Nuevo Vallarta - It was a modern all inclusive resort perfect for a large group on a destination wedding. Everyone had a great time relaxing enjoying inexpensive beach massages and an endless supply of mojitos and fish tacos. I have to admit it really was the perfect group of people and everyone got along famously. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous as well! I've decided that over the next little while i'm going to write short and long posts to give you all a sneak peak into our wedding week. There will be a bunch of fabulous ideas on event planning for weddings and other special summer gatherings. I will also post some restaurant reviews and my cooking experience from  fantastic vacation home in San Pancho from a super cool local chef Sofia Silva Sanchez . For now I leave you with one of the group photos from the wedding. Chow for now. 
~ Mrs. Tomato Snob ;)


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