Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eating Pho makes people happy - Where to Pho in TO

Eating Pho makes people happy on Twitpic
From the man who said he'd never try Vietnamese food - this is my husbands interpretation of how you feel when you eat a bowl of pho. I honestly couldn't have said it better my self. Pho is like a warm hug in a bowl. One of my favorite soups and you know I love me some soup. When traveling in Asia I always tell my friends if there is an old lady in the middle of nowhere, in a dirty creepy area, making soup, it's probably delicious. The same thing goes here in Toronto minus the old lady.

There's an ever going debate as to where the best Pho spot in Toronto is. I'm going to put it out there as if it's never been said before but Ossington st. really does house two of the best places in the city. At the top of the street there's Thien Thanh who's broth is like no other, not to mention their grilled pork dishes are completely off the chain, or there's the ever famous Rua Vang also known as the Golden Turtle.  One of my absolute favorites there are the pancake/crepe. I have absolutely no words to describe it, all I can say is - just fucking order it! I've recently discovered there is another Golden Turtle in Mississauga, no clue whether or not they have anything to do with one another but the pho was awesome. On  the lower end of the downtown Pho totem pole is Pho Hung with locations on Bloor & Spadina. Both are decent with very good greasy spring rolls and an endless supply of yuppies & pseudo hipsters dribbling soup from their chins.

If your looking for something mid town you will definitely be down grading on quality. Pho Rang Dong is a decent place to go. They actually have the best mango salad I've had in Canada and the service is very good. I would steer clear of Pho St.Clair as I find everything there to taste like dirty swamp water - they even water down the soap in the crusty washrooms #nasty!

There are a few good spots off the beaten path including Pho dau bo near Finch and Weston rd. Their stock is delicious and I just love their fresh lime soda's and tarro smoothie. The last place on my list shall remain nameless until the next time my dad takes me there for lunch, as neither of us can remember what it's called. Anyways it's off highway seven and Woodbine in a little plaza. If you're in the area it's pretty tasty place to be. If any of you now any more delicious places please share! 
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  2. can't wait to go down to Ossington to try out your recommendations for Pho

  3. Hi Jamie, this is a really good review on Pho. Even though I had hoped pho Tien Thanh appeared on the list, but other than than, it's way better than the article on BlogTO, which is how I found your blog :)

    I'm also enthusiastic about food, and a not-so-frequent food blogger. Nice to meet you!

    Cheers :)


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