Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Saying goodbye to sesame & a speedy Thai Style Slaw

The test results are in and I'm very pleased to announce I am not lactose intolerant nor am I a glutentard (my apologies to those who have taken offence to that statement).  Yes it's all very exciting. I do not have to say goodbye to my good friends 1%, Drunken goat or sour dough. I'm not completely in the clear as It seems I have two pretty high reactions to some slightly random ingredients. The first is cranberry which I'm really not too sad to see go, the second definitely a little morose about - yes I'm extremely melodramatic. You love it! My beloved sesame seed, I shall miss you dearly. No bagel will ever be the same. Every time I go for Middle Eastern food I will be reminded of the good old days when my pita was slathered in hummus and tahinah. If only this food allergy covered all my problems in life. The test actually shed some more light on to why I haven't been feeling so hot, but I'll save the nitty gritty for another post. For now my farewell to sesame continues... This easy slaw is best attempted with a mandolin or some serious knife skills and a sharp handful of Japanese steel. Ie. you need a good knife! 

INGREDIENTS: everything gets a fine julienne
green apple
red cabbage 
green cabbage 
peeled frozen shrimp - or cooked if you like (thaw in cold water)
FOR THE DRESSING: Whisk everything together
1/2 cup natural  peanut butter  (I like to use crunchy for texture)
4 limes - zest and juice- oranges work well too
1/4 cup honey
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1 teaspoon sambal 
2 tbs sesame oil  
splash of water - optional depending on how thick/ thin the dressing is
PREP: Chop veg, & whisk dressing. 
COOK: Bring a small salted pot of water to a boil, then drop your shrimp for 45 seconds to a minute. 
SERVE: With black sesame seeds and or toasted peanuts. 


  1. This looks mouth watering. I love the way you present this salad.

  2. Oh no! Sesame would hit me hard... cranberries not so much, I didn't grow up on them in Germany and haven't learned to like them much yet.
    Beautiful slaw!

  3. I am glad to hear your health is good otherwise. Great recipe. Buzzed.

  4. Aw sesame?! I don't know if I could give up my bagels! On the other hand I really would have no problems giving up cranberry - not all that important in my world of food! :) This shrimp looks amazing, I haven't tried poaching shrimp yet but they look so good I might have to try it out soon! The slaw is beautiful & the dressing sounds delicious! Great all around dish!

    1. Poaching shrimps are beautiful. I actually love it - throw in a little knob of butter before you toss in the shrimp #heaven

  5. It is the sesame oil that would break my heart! Oh, the taste...the fragrance! Always good to find out what ails us though....tho, why did it have to be the sesame? Sorry : (

  6. That's terrible news about your allergies! I don't think I could give up either of those foods!

    Your salad looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks Amber... honestly sesame is a hard one, but it could always be worse. My doc says eventually I will be able to have it in moderation, fingers are crossed.

  7. Aw, this is so sad! Food allergies are so hard. I have my fair share of them (dairy, gluten, shellfish, strawberries)... ahem. wow. When I put it all in writing I want to cry. LOL. But seriously, you will feel a lot better after you part. Gorgeous dish!

    1. AWWW... I'm feeling your pain! 7 weeks now still going strong! You're blog is inspiring!

  8. Food allergies are never fun. Your dish looks good.

  9. I love your photography! Nice work!

  10. Oh my goodness this looks amazing!

  11. Yummy and healthy?! Yes please! :-D

  12. A mouth watering dish, I surely love it.


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