Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kombucha - healthy tea or a refreshing glass of rotten champagne ?

A few weeks ago I had my very first experience with Kombucha - a fermented tea beverage that's naturally effervescent. My first impression  of this strange tasting beverage was that I wasn't sure If I liked the taste of it, or was grossed out. The only thing I can compare the flavor to is rotten champagne with a mild vinegar  aroma- sounds appetizing huh? It's definitely an acquired taste to say the least. 
I've since become totally obsessed with the drink since it's low in calories, and supposedly detoxifies the body and contains a plethora of other health benefits to boot. Kombucha is nothing new, it has been used all over Asia and Europe since the 19th century. Only recently has it become a trendy beverage in heath food stores across North America. 
It's kind of an expensive habit to get into most stores retail a bottle for 3+ dollars. To keep the cost down you can always brew it yourself. Although the process seems even more gross then the initial flavor of the tea. Basically you ferment a solid mass of yeast called the mushroom or mother for a month or so. The mass takes the shape of the container it's fermented in and is said to have a leathery calamari type texture. Ewww... When brewing your own Kombucha you must be very careful to keep everything clean and properly sealed to prevent mold. For now I'll just buy mine in the refrigerator section at Lady York and call it my guilty pleasure! 

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