Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm not lovin it! McRib more like McNasty

I just read an interesting tidbit on It seems like it's that time of the year again for some of you. I'm only mentioning this because I saw a few people on fb talking about how excited they were for the annual return of the McRib sandwich. Personally I've never tried the sandwich, and I don't usually eat McDonalds unless it's 3am and I'm completely wasted, or the day after i've been completely wasted and I need a greasy hangover cure.  There isn't enough vodka in the world that would to get me to the point that I would ever order a McRib sandwich over a cheeseburger happy meal. The point of this story is that at McDonalds you really never know what extra ingredients you're going to get in your meal. The McRib not only contains the majority of your daily value in sodium, it's also packed full of Azodicarbonamide usually used to make yoga mats and running shoes. This unique ingredient had been banned from food production in Europe and Australia, I wonder if it's only in America that this asthma causing additive is part of one of the most popular seasonal menu items. If you like digesting harmful chemicals then i'm sure you'll enjoy a McRib sandwich at a McDonalds near you for a limited time! 


  1. I am waiting to see a contest about alternate uses for the Mc Rib. Maybe we can make solar panels out of them! Ew. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. I read about this on Twitter. So, disgusting. Its amazing what McDonalds will add to their food in order to profit.


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