Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Good afternoon all. Today is the day that candy starved cherry Tomato Snobs dress in crazy costumes and go wild for scary tricks and sweet treats. Happy Halloween! This past weekend my husband an I got together with our good friends Haley and Pablo to have our first ever pumpkin carving party. It was such a blast! I wish I had the photos to show you how well we all did on our pumpkins. I'd bug Haley to send them but she's getting married Saturday and I know how stressful wedding week can be, so I'll just wait to post those pics at a later date. Today I'll leave you with a real freaky photo. A few weeks back I was asked to pull the meat off two suckling pigs. Not really the most glamorous way to start my day but perfect for a freaky Halloween post. I'm a huge fan of pulled pork sandwiches, however after this experience I'm not sure i'll ever be able to look at pulled pork the same way again. 

I wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween tonight! Remember to check your candy and make sure nothing looks like it's been tampered with. 

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