Monday, October 3, 2011

Party/cook/feet hurt and some damn good shawarma from Bagel Nash

Sorry to keep you all waiting. The Jewish holidays left no time for blogging. I was super busy with catering a party Saturday night and today was my first day working at Catering with Style  where I've been hired on for a few large parties. Needless to say I have been a busy bee and I'm totally pooped. Since it is Monday and I've left you in the lurch for a few days I'm making a serious effort to write a short post today. I want to tell you all about an amazing little shawarma stand in Thornhill called Bagel Nash. For those of you who don't know what  Shawarma is  you are seriously missing out.  Shewarma is a Middle Eastern delight made by stacking either lamb, chicken or turkey in think slices on a mettle skewer that cooks for hours on rotisserie. The juices from the meat slowly drips down and creates crunchy little bits surrounded by moist juicy meaty goodness. The meat is shaved off the skewer and serves with pickled turnips, cucumbers, Israeli salad, cabbage salads, hummus, tahina and skhug. BN (Bagel Nash) is made up of a bakery counter with beautiful looking pastries and obviously bagels as well as a walk up window where you can order some of the city's best shawarma and falafel. I was running errands a few weeks back and I couldn't resist stopping in for some take out. If you love middle eastern food this place is a must try! 


  1. That sounds pretty amazing I totally want some. I haven't had shawarma exactly but I have had other meats served in the same manner. Either way I still feel like I'm missing out on something and I want some.

  2. I would love a platter of this. I just love these flavors

  3. I love that stuff! In Germany there are these little sidewalk shops that have the huge cuts of meat skewered and rotisserie-ing right in the windows ... they're called Donar - so good!

  4. The variety in your plate is mast!!


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