Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Food Critique

Since watching Food Inc. three weeks ago, I've started to think more about my responsibilities to food. Yes I love food, and enjoy eating it and making it and discussing it (at nauseam) with almost all of my friends, but now I've started to think about my habits of consumption.

For the last few years I've had on and off stomach problems. I'm sure I must have some food allergies, like lactose, or gluten or any of those delicious deadly delights. However since I love food so much, and would rather spend the 300.00 on going to an expensive five course taster rather then getting a celiac test, I allow myself to be tortured.  I makes excuses and bear though the pain, and discomfort of gas and diarrhea and go through phases of detoxifying my system of yeast, and sugar, and everything I love and should probably avoid if not just for the shear size of my Jewish Jamaican ass. Yes Jewish and Jamaican - can you imagine! In having these stomach problems I came to the conclusion that something must be making me sick, something unnatural something in the food I was eating. I decided to take a break from anything and everything that came packaged. A full on detox of manufactured foods - I'll come back to this story  later.

So I've watched this horrific documentary, and obviously I'm appalled. Not just by the mass productions of corn, and  its by products, but even more so I'm so completely disturbed to see the abhorrent conditions by which the animals we consume are slaughtered by.  

I'm not a fool, by any means. I know that animals are bread for killing and consuming, but listening to one families horror story about loosing their 3 year old boy because of icoli in a hamburger, or watching the chicken farmers decline an interview or tour of their farms. The light didn't just go off, the light is a high powered florescent laser beaming directly into my cornea, it can be ignored, or denied.

I'm trying to shorten all of these stories, and just get to the point, so here it is. In the next few weeks I'll be discussing, and critiquing (my favorite past time other then eating) the local organic delivery services and grocery stores in Toronto. This decision came to me about 57 minutes ago. I arrived home after receiving my first "Organics Delivered" trail box and felt immediately  deceived.  My produce was organic, but it was not local, one of the very important keys to being consumptionally conscious.

This rant has just begun - I will continue my yammering once I've tried the yams, oh wait they forgot to put them in the basket. I guess they weren't in season (it's December in Ontario) ?


  1. Ontario grown Yams certainly are available in December. As are squash, parsnips, leeks and apples.


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