Thursday, May 13, 2010

black radish salad with jerusalem artichoke over cold salmon

Back in university my room-mate and I used to love playing a game we called survivor. I went to school in Montreal and it would get crazy cold in the winter to the point where it was totally unbearable to go outside. This was when the game really started to get intense. In this game we would see how long we could go with out buying groceries. We used the most random ingredients mostly whatever we had left in the fridge freezer or pantry and try and make something delicious or at least tolerable  before buying new groceries. This game has taught me tons, and has definitely made me a more resourceful chef. Now  I love buying a bunch of fresh local fruits and vegetables and then seeing how creative I can get with new flavors and textures. Sometimes all it takes to create a new recipe is cutting something differently. I happened to stumble upon this recipe, and I'm sure glad I did - It was delish, and easy because it tastes even better cold. You will require a mandolin or  carrot peeler, the veggies can also be finely julienned if you have super knife skills. 
Black radish salad with jerusalem artichoke over cold salmon INGREDIENTS:
small black radish - ribbons
3 jerusalem artichokes - ribbons
celery sticks - prefferably the hearts (center pieces) - bite sized
1 clove garlic - finely chopped
white balsamic vinegar - splash
olive oil - drizzle
mint - handful chopped or chiffonade
salt & pepper
salmon - baked or grilled then chilled. 
SALAD: Add all ingredients in bowl and mix together with oil and vinegar. 
SALMON: salt pepper rub some garlic and lemon zest & olive oil before cooking. Let sit until room temp then serve, or refrigerate overnight. 
SERVE: Salad on top of room temp fish - it's delish!

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