Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Restaurant review Trimurti - Indian Cuisine

I'm not exactly sure what goes on when Indian food is prepared, but i'm convinced they put drugs as a secret ingredient. Indian food is addictive, delicious and very filling. Many people are afraid of this type of cuisine, they think it's all spicy or they don't like curry, or they have some other dumb excuse as to why they don't like it. But truth be told most of the time they have no clue what they are talking about, or maybe they are just nervous to try something new, or ask about the dishes. I'm a real chatty Cathy when it comes to food. I love asking lots of questions, and learning about what I'm eating. It really helps to understand flavors and cooking methods and also makes me a better cook. I wanted to tell you all about one of my favorite Indian restaurants in my hood. While I can't vouch for the service, I can tell you everything is good. Saturday night feast with friends we ordered in from Trimurti 

RECOMMENDED: Tamatar Ka Shorba (tomato soup), Saag paneer, mutter paneer, butter chicken (for the beginners) Subzi Ka Pakoras,  Subzi Samosas,  Seekh Kebab, Tarka Dal, chicken Jalfrezie. Tandoori Naan and Muttar Pilau. 
To break down some of these terms: 
Paneer - Indian cottage cheese
Saag: Spinach
Mutter: green peas
Subzi - vegetarian
Pakora - fried patty 
Seekh Kebab - lamb or beef 
Dal - lentils
Naan - bread made in clay oven
Pilau - rice
The food is excellent, not overly oily like some Indian restaurants. I've never had the i'm going to die food coma feeling after eating their food. Portions are generous and the price is pretty inexpensive. Another plus is their quick delivery time, and free papadums which are delicious. I give this place an A! And as you can tell from the photo so do the diners. They couldn't tear themselves away from the food to smile for a picture. 

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