Friday, March 18, 2011

A+ easy and super healthy Pizza Crust

The Sha Sha bread co. makes a wonderful line up of products that are organic, rich in protein and made from whole sprouted grains. Today I want to tell you about their AMAZING ready made pizza crust. I always keep a few of these in my freezer for last minute dinner parties. They are great for an easy appetizer or a pizza party. Last month my it was my finacee's birthday who told me for months he didn't want to do anything special, then of course he wakes up the morning of and decides he want to have a bunch of friends over for dinner. GRRREAT - I start to scramble making phone calls inviting people over to celebrate his birthday, thinking what the hell am I going to make thats quick and inexpensive (we are trying to cut back on our spending after a slew of friends birthdays and weddings). I figure a pizza party would be great. I had one of these Spelt crusts in the freezer, and my friend Jenn said she also had some frozen crust and a huge package of mozzarella and goats cheese in her fridge and would love to come and help me.  YAY. I peek in the fridge to see what else we can whip together. I had a mix of wild mushrooms some left over thyme my brain is going into cooking mode and I know they will be great with the goats cheese. I have a few bricks of butter, eggs, sour creme, cocoa, icing sugar and milk plus a can of ducle de leche I made a few weeks back. Light bulb goes off cocoa sour creme cake with dulce de leche icing. Things are really starting to come together quickly. I have a bunch of onions I can caramelize and put with the mushroom and goats cheese pizza. I have ingredients to make a big salad with calipo tuna, now I only need to throw together a tomato sauce. I figure it's ok if I cheat a little this time.  I wanted to pick up some buffalo mozzarella, basil and I decided to just grab a can of Italian pizza sauce - which I obviously doctored up a bit to add extra flavor. I'm not going to get in to the rest of the details or recipes i'll save them for another post. Geeze I really can't stop myself from rolling into a drawn out story. The point is that Jenn's defrosted white flour pizza dough was completely blown out of the water by The Sha Sha crust. It was a huge hit with everyone - there was no competition and nobody couldn't believe it was heathy to boot. It crisped up perfectly much better then the real pizza dough which just ended up chewy and weird (perhaps because it was frozen). So say fair well to your white flour crust and hello to healthy ;) give Sha Sha bread co. a try and let me know what you think.

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