Sunday, March 20, 2011

Raw beet and sunchoke salad with black walnuts

I stumbled upon this delicious colour and flavor combination. Shopping at local farmers markets and eating local ingredients really forces you to be creative with what's available in what season. I was turned on to black walnuts about a year ago, and I can easily say they are one of the most healthy and deliciously unique tree fruits around. They have this really vibrant aroma - almost like the inside of a kiwi fruit with lovely citrus notes. This salad is best enjoyed raw use a mandolin to shave the beets and sunchokes into super thin slivers.
Raw beet and sunchoke salad with black walnuts INGREDIENTS:
large red beet - peeled & shaved
sunchokes - scrubbed & shaved (leave skin on - its delicious
black walnuts - chopped (you can use regular walnuts as well but it's just not as good - hazelnut would also work)
Lemon - zested and juiced
white truffle oil - or truffles if you've got em
parsley or mint - to garnish (optional)
PREP: wash and shave beets, zest and juice lemon and chop walnuts. Arrange everything on the plate, sprinkle with lemon zest, flake sea salt and black pepper drizzle with truffle oil and squeeze some lemon juice as well. Sprinkle with parsley or mint... enjoy

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