Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mexican Fritatta with smokey black beans

You know I loooove fritattas. They are just the best way to start off a lazy Sunday. Plus they're super simple and satisfying. I created this yummy dish using left over black beans and some tomatoes that were on their last life a scallion and blend of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. INGREDIENTS: 
1 can black beans
1 clove of garlic - minced
pinch cumin
pinch smoked paprika
5 eggs - whisked 
handful of chopped tomatoes
1/2 onion chopped
parsley - chopped (small bunch)
1 scallion - chopped
handful or two of shredded cheese
avocado (optional)
PREP: Chop veg and whisk eggs with a touch or water or milk add chopped parsley. Pre heat over to 350. 
COOK: For the beans - In a small pot heat the beans with 1/2 garlic, cumin, paprika s&p, and simmer until they thicken, then remove from heat (can be made in advance up to two days ahead). Then in a medium frying pan sautee the onions with olive oil s&p and the rest of the garlic. Cook until translucent add chopped tomatoes and continue to cook for 1 min and remove from heat, then add to egg mixture with 1/2 a cup or more of the beans - quickly whisk everything together.  Add a little butter or oil to the pan so the eggs don't stick, on a med high heat add egg and mixture. Let cook for 3-5 mins, and wiggle the pan to see if the bottom is cooked, add shredded cheese and transfer to the oven for about 10 mins or until eggs are firm. You may want to put the broiler on for the last minute or so to get the cheese really gooey or crispy like the top of a pizza. Once removed from the oven sprinkle with scallions. 
SERVE: with slices of avocado and multigrain toast. 

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