Saturday, March 26, 2011

Iron chef Canada - Chuck defeats my boy Bobby

Yes I know this post is coming a few days too late, but damn it i've been busy this week! This doesn't mean I'm not so freaking proud of my fellow Canadian Chuck Hughes. I must admit I was shocked to hear the judges all agreed that he should conquer over heavy hitter Bobby Flay. I must admit this battle was bitter sweet for me since I'm such a Flay fan. I also must say "what the *&^&^% Bobby you lost on a lobster battle?" Either way a HUGE congratulations to Chuck, who started off his lobster menu with one of my favorite snack/coctails the bloody ceasar. Rimmed with the famous Montreal Steak spice and garnished with a juicy lobster claw this classic Canadian beverage did not disappoint.  The following dishes included a lobster roll, risotto, Jerk lobster and Chuck's famous lobster poutine which didn't bode well with the judges. What humored me was knowing this is a  regular dish on the menu at his popular Montreal resto Garde Manger. I remember ordering it a few summers ago thinking it was a pretty darn delicious take on the dish. Chuck attributes the disappointment with his dish to be the wrong type of cheese curds. Anyone who knows proper poutine knows that the cheese curds really do need to be those squeaky rubbery ones you can buy anywhere in Quebec - the aged white cheddar just didn't do the trick. The Montreal chef received very positive feedback on his risotto and Jerk lobster which I'm dying to have the recipe for. My one question is where was the dessert? Lobster is such a delicate sweet crustacean I figured at least one of the chefs would attempt a sweet parting gift for the judges. Maybe next time boys. Félicitations bien mérités Chuck!

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