Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not exactly a trip to China

Hope everyone had a magical holiday. I've been spending lots of time hanging out and catching up with family. Doing some boxing week shopping yesterday with my dad and step mom to close up my wedding registry. It was an adventure to say the least since pretty much everything  on my registry was discontinued, and I had to choose all new items. I was super sad to say goodbye to the  china I chose seen here. The green and gold Martha Stewart pattern I was just in love with couldn't be found anywhere in Canada or the US. I was determine to keep the coral appetizer/dessert plate and we were on a mission to find something that would be prefect with it. I'm a huge fan of the mix and match look so I didn't want to settle on one pattern. After five hours and way too much money that I care to admit I finally found  the perfect accompaniment to the Cristobal coral plates. The new pattern I chose is called Dynasty by Wedgewood and it nicely compliment the coral plates I originally fell in love with. Sorry no pictures of the two patterns together. I can't wait for my March delivery. Now all I need is a proper dining table, chairs, table cloth, and silverware. Oh ya and a house too! Bahahaha... it just never ends. Hopefullyone day in 2012. 

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