Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Foodie

Good morning, I thought I would wait until Tuesday to tell you all about this cool discount dining campaign hitting Toronto this January. It's called Tuesday Foodie and I've been asked to be involved as a Toronto food blogger, as well my new company The Fooding Co. has recently become a participant.  How it works: Tuesday are notoriously slow in the restaurant business, so the Tuesday Foodie allows restaurants to offer 30% off your meal every Tuesday at participating restaurants. There are 20 restaurants involved so you can pretty much try them all. There are some stipulations including only the card holder can get the discount, and the discount is only applicable on food ie. no alcohol. It seems like a pretty cool idea, and there are definitely some interesting sounding restaurants on the list. I'll be receiving my discount card in the mail this week and will keep you informed with my findings. If you are interested in purchasing the Tuesday Foodie card get it now 71% ($20) off on wagjag for the next two days. 

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