Friday, December 9, 2011

The best chicken thighs ever with frijoles negros and watermelon salsa

All I can say is this is one delicious dish! I made extra of the watermelon salsa added some chopped heart of palm and ate it the next day with some Spanish spiced shrimps and It was equally as delicious. For those of you who do not like the fresh wonderful flavors from Mexico and the Caribbean please do not continue reading. 

chicken thighs (skinless boneless)
black beans (canned)
1/2 baby seedless watermelon - chopped
1 ripe avocados - chopped
4-6 celery sprigs - chopped
2 small cloves of garlic - separated and minced
2 limes - juiced
tajin spice & Miguelito Chamoy 
cayenne pepper
s & p

FOR THE CHICKEN: Rub both sides of the chicken with a generous amount of tajin, Miguelito and a pinch of cumin. Pre heat your oven to 300, as well heat a pan (preferably cast iron) with some oil to brown each side of the chicken, then place in the oven for. Total cooking time about 7-10 mins, until perfectly juicy and bursting with flavor. 

FOR THE BANS: Heat a small amount of oil on a medium heat, in a small pot, then add 1 clove of the minced garlic. After a minute or so add the whole can, liquid and all of black beans. Add 2 pinches of paprika, cumin and depending on how spicy you like it a pinch of cayenne pepper. Let simmer on medium low until dinner is ready - add a splash of water if mixture becomes too thick. Squeeze 1/2 lime juice right before serving and mix through. 

FOR THE SALSA: Chop all ingredients, add 1 small clove of minced garlic and the rest of the lime juice toss and serve. If I had mint or cilantro I would have chopped some up and added to the salsa. 


  1. The flavors sound wonderful... the dish looks fantastic.

  2. I never know what to do with chicken thighs (I'm weird I know!), but this looks simple and tasty! I'll be trying it next week. Thanks!!

  3. Simple and flavorful! Definitely my kind of dish =)

  4. Oh my goodness this is incredible. Looks so fresh and inviting. My take out pizza just isn't comparing right now.

  5. This looks wonderful... With all of those good things in it, it basically MUST be good...


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