Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mexican must have seasonings

These Mexican products are so great. I love them because they are so versatile. The Tajin spice is a combination of dried chili's and lime. It's great in guacamole with olive oil on salads or on for grilled meats and seafood. Some even use it on fruit there's really no wrong way to use this spice. The Miguelito Chamoy (the one i'm talking about is the small bottle on the far left) is a mix of sugar, salt chili's, citric acid and soy. It has an intense sweet and sour taste and I love it on fresh tropical fruit like mango or pineapple or vegetables. It reminds me of the flavor of tamarind which is quite a popular candy flavor in Mexico.  

The first time I ever had 
this spice was years ago at summer camp. I'm not sure why, but there was a huge group of all male Mexican campers at my summer camp for a number of years. These young boys were real horn dogs - not sure what that has to do with the story but they were. They would always bring loads and loads of Mexican spicy candies that they loved pelting at all the little girls asses. One day my friend Alex Yanez (don't even ask how I remembered his name this was like 15 years ago) gave me this bright red super sticky seasoned looking lollipop. I was a fat kid so I stuffed the lolli in my mouth straight away and was horrified when my taste buds couldn't  recognize what the hell was in my mouth.  It wasn't like any other candy I had tasted before. The overpowering spicy and sweet and sour flovor was just too overwhelming for my underdeveloped palate and I spit the candy out and probably pretended to choke a little too - I was so melodramatic at that age. My friend Alex found this hilarious, but never shared his candy with me ever again. 

Stay tuned i'll be posting a few recipes using these spices soon. As a preview one will be a spiced cucumber martini, i've also got a great recipe of an avocado and mango salad. Chow for now!


  1. ur posts r the best cuz. :)

  2. God, I love Mexican condiments also! I've never experienced those candies, however. But reading this makes me want to try it out. Some of these things I've never seen, so I will have to look out for them. The Mexican food in my neighborhood is horrible -- have to venture out of it to find anything good. This is when I miss CA.


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