Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fresh Fish please and thank you!

My pet peeve is when you go to a restaurant and try to make the healthy choice by ordering fish. I always ask the server how fresh the fish is and it's always the same answer. "it just came in today" yes,  it may have just came in today but is it fresh? By this I am asking you when it was plucked from the ocean or if it did come in "today" was it frozen when it arrived? Eight times out of ten the fish is frozen or it is not as fresh as they claim. I just don't freaking get it. When I go to City Fish  I get what I'm going to make for dinner that night. Then I season my fish for a little while before pan frying or baking it. It always comes out tasting fresh and delicious. When I eat fish in a restaurant it always taste fishy and gross. WTF Toronto? Unfortunately it's usually at Italian restaurants and occurs while everyone around me is scarfing down delicious bowls of pasta and gooey pizzas. One of those just shoot me moments!

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  1. Another foodie from Toronto. Awesome! And I feel the same way about fish as you. You never know at a restaurant - and I am often nervous. City market is great. I often go to Diana's in Scarborough


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