Tuesday, August 2, 2011

As promised Brunch with Becc's

In my post form last week about that delicious sandwich from Uncle Betty's I introduced a new character from my cast of food lovers and haters "Rebecca". She is an awesome jewelry designer, food lover and friend. She wrote a blog post about great places to go for brunch in TO, and I wanted to share it with all of you. I'll try my best to let you know my thoughts on some of these places.

The low down...

There are a few places I agree/ disagree on including:

Grapefruit Moon - not bad, cute patio great homemade chips, interesting curry club sandwich

Over Easy - Meh, nothing to write home about

Cantine - not my thing, but I know people who enjoy it. Good fresh baked bread.

Flos - reliable

Fire on the East side - Def. a fav! Breakfast poutine for ultimate hangover. Lunch menu good too - great pulled pork sammie.

Holts cafe - good pastries better for lunch - soups always good. Curry chicken yum

The Drake - Always great! Patio is lovely

Bonjour Brioch - Agree very good, take out baked goods to die for. Prepare for a line up on weekends.

The Homeway - Hit or miss... great caesar salad.

School - Very excellent, amazing savory cheesy french toast w/ bacon (makes me miss Xacutti thou)

Mildred's Temple Kitchen - love their pancakes... but usually hate pancakes.


Table 17 - love love love... plus they amazing jumbo sticky buns.

Frank @ AGO - $$$$ but amazing - their savory souflee is to die for.

Steve's Family Restaurant - Old faithful for greasy breaky

United Bakers Dairy Restaurant - another old faithful for kosher style place been eating pea soup there since before I had teeth.

Hersey's - ok - love the waffle cut fries

Patachou - excellent baked goods

Leslieville Cheese market - pick up an almond croissant and get out fast $$$

St. Lawrence market - Pig on a bung sandwich w/ egg and cheese - legendary

will let you know when I think of more and continue adding to the list.

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  1. Table 17 no longer has sticky buns


Thanks for your two cents. I love change!