Monday, August 1, 2011

Au Pied De Cochon restaurant a Montreal jem

Last night I received this photo in a bbm message from a friend of mine visiting Montreal. It really go my taste buds tingling and feelings of nostalgia rushed over me. Yes I know  I was recently in MTL, but unfortunately I couldn't get a reservation at my favorite restaurant Au Pied De Cochon. Also I know I've yet to post part two of my blog "Eating Drinking and being Merry in Montreal" but when I saw this picture I just had to tell you all about one of the best restaurants in La Belle Province and maybe even the world. 

Chef and owner Martin Picard is a culinary wild card and a true inspiration.  He was one of the forefathers of nose to tail eating in Canada. His menu is luxurious with out being pretentious or overdone. His food is honest and stemmed in tradition with a touch of whimsy.  Martin has a deep respect for local game which is obvious on his Food Network show the 
"Wild Chef",  which he hosts along side Hugue Dufour his business partner at the restaurant. 

Martain's greatest obsessions is foie gras which is the most commonly used ingredient on his menu, and he is the largest buyer of this delicacy world wide. For those of you who have never tried this luxurious product you really haven't lived. It literally mean "fat liver" in French and that's exactly what it is. Foie gras is the liver of a duck which has been fattened. Not the most humane food product it does come with a degree of controversy for the ethical treatment of the way foie ducks are farmed. But as a real food lover it is one of the most delicious rich things one can indulge in. Please for your hearts sake do not enjoy it too often. 

Au pied de cochon is famous for their foie gras poutine and it really is an out of body experience. I would 150% recommend this restaurant to anyone although it is on the $$$($) side. The service is also amazing, the last time I was there I unfortunately had to wait 30 mins for my table, but I was served free drinks and complimentary cod croquets as soon as we were seated. Everything i've ever tried there was top notch including their desserts. You will not be disappointed. 

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