Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arugula salad with tuna and avocado tarragon vinaigrette

Not your average salad Niçoise
I love taking my classic favorite dishes and
putting my own spin on them. The key is 
to use similar flavour profiles. This delicious 
dinner salad mimics the famousFrench salad Niçoise. 
A leafy salad with tuna, egg, black olives, and french beans. 
Sometimes you will have small potatoes or capers or 
anchovies or other salad accoutrement. My version of salad 
Niçoise is an Arugula salad with tuna and avocado tarragon vinaigrette 
INGREDIENTS: arugula lettuce
moroccan dries olives
olive oil packed calipo tuna - any tuna will do though
hard boiled eggs.
PREP: boil eggs before hand.
TOSS: tuna with lettuce olives and dressing.
GARNISH: Eggs and avocado

Tarragon is a delicious herb - look forward to my post about 
it in herb lesson 1. Tarragon vinaigrette INGREDIENTS:
bunch taragon -
1 clove garlic
1/2 white onion
splash lemon juice
1 avocado - 1/2 sliced for garnish, other 1/2 for dressing
splash white wine vinegar - adjust to taste
olive oil
pinch salt
fresh ground pepper
PREP: add all ingredients to mini chopper (or finely chop everything place 
in glass jar and shake until combined)

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  1. I made my own Salad Niçoise for lunch the other day and used some left over pesto mini potatoes I had made with dinner from the night before. I used Calipo canned tuna, red leaf lettuce, some spinach, fresh dill and used a simple balsamic, olive oil, and honey vinaigrette.

    Sure it wasn't a true salad niçoise as there weren't any french beans or olives but it was awesome.

    Adding lots of dill mixed in with the greens always makes a salad really fresh tasting, and is excellent with fish, even when it comes from a can.


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