Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Barley risotto with artichokes and baby kale

I've been meaning to write this recipe out for a long time. My friend Molly got the leftovers from this meal, and she just went wild for pearl barley. Love risotto? Try making it with pearl barley  for a healthy twist on a classic Italian favorite. Risotto can be an easy vegetarian meal, personally I like to use chicken stock, but if you're kosher cooking just note most risotto's are made with animal stock, this means no butter to brown your rice, and no parmesan for the velvety texture.  Veggies stock works just as well, but go a bit heavier on the other herbs and spices. You can use red of white wine making your risottos this one uses white dry chardonnay. Barley risotto with artichokes andbaby kale INGREDIENTS: pearl barley - 1 cup soak for 10 mins in water
2 garlic cloves - finely chopped
1 shallot - finely chopped
1 cup white wine - dry
3 1/2 (or more) cups vegetable or chicken stock
1/2 cup marinated artichoke hearts (or 4 large ones) - thin slices
bunch baby kale
bunch parsley - finely chopped
parmesan cheese - shredded
PREP: Chop garlic, shallot, parsley, kale, artichokes. Keep everything separate.
Cook: brown the barley in butter with shalot and garlic, and add wine slowly add stock 1/2 cup at a time... until barley has softened. * You may need to add more stock. Add kale artichokes cook 1 minute before adding parmesan and parsley last.
Eat this dish hot, risotto tends to become like cement when it cools.

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