Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's not you, It's me!

Dear sweet Tomato Snobs,
I must apologize for neglecting you this past two weeks. I do have an exiting excuse though, I'm ENGAGED!!!!!! Amazing... I'm so excited, but I'm very sorry to leave you in the lurch through all these new changes. I've also been evicted - not quite as exciting but definitely an emotional experience none the less. So i've been terribly busy trying to co-ordinate events, parties and packing - all sorts of fun and not so fun things. I just wanted you all to know I have not forgotten about chowing and cooking and criticizing culinary offerings all around town. I've just needed a few days to get myself re adjusted to the real world again and now with a ring on my finger... I still can't believe it.  I hope everyone is keeping to their diet-s or binges or whatever else is going on in your kitchens and lives. I have a great post to follow this evening. For those of you who like banana bread this one is the absolute ultimate so stay tuned!

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