Friday, July 8, 2011

Beautiful Beets

I'm sure  by now you're all thinking I have an obsession with beets. I write about them constantly because I eat them all the time.  I really hope you're not sick of them yet. Beets pack a huge amount of vitamins they grow locally and are pretty inexpensive. I find them extremely versatile and I really love to eat them.  I think beets really appeal to my visual side they are just so interesting to look at. Being an artist I find the small variations in colour totally fascinating.  The striped candy canes are so beautiful  with flecks of magenta, pink and white. The golden are just so bright and delicious. I will never get sick of these wonderful root vegetables. I just had to post this picture - no recipe attached this time, but I promise to update soon and show you what I created with these. Happy Friday.

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