Saturday, July 30, 2011

I ♥ cheese, You ♥ cheese, who doesn't ♥ cheese

Here's a great photo for serving and decorating inspiration at your next shindig. 
Cheese plate  an absolute must when feeding a group is so simple delicious and fun to put together. Anything goes! It's important to have a mix of mild and stinky, and different textures. Here there are cranberry goat soft goat cheese, a triple creme brie, gouda, stinky Canadian Oka, Manchego, and an unpasturized delicious something or other ( can't remember the name).  It's nice to place some roasted nuts and dried fruit around the plate, a bowl of mixed olives. Then grapes are always a must! I also like to have fresh figs and strawberries if they are in season of course. It's also nice to have a diverse mixture of different types of crostini, flatbreads, and crackers. As well a nice chutney or jam is a great addition to any party tray.

Just place everything on a giant cutting board if you don't have a fancy serving tray, but make sure you have proper cheese knives. My favorites are the Antonini olive wood set from William Sonoma they retail for about $50CAN, and make an excellent gift for a bridal shower, house warming or just because. 

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