Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When bad desserts happen to good weddings

I'm not sure why I decided to write about this. I just came across the photo, and I figured why not. I hope it will be a culinary tale of what not to serve at your next big affair. Is it just me or is a bad dessert the kiss of death? It's the final departure to the meal and when it's bad it's the only thing you can remember. Luckily this terrible display was followed by a pretty excellent popcorn and candy bar. I really wish I had a photo of that instead of the dessert trio swirled together with green candy snot. Seriously thats what the drizzle looked like. If my memory serves me correctly it was also green apple flavored isn't that just the most disgusting thing you've ever heard? Ok I'm exaggerating but it really was terrible! The green goo was surrounded by a scoop of ice cream (vanilla I think) with a super sub par crème brûlée and lifeless flowerless chocolate blech. I think the only thing worth eating was the whipped cream blob and lonely raspberries. In all fairness I don't remember the meal being so great either but when there's 300+ people to serve it's difficult to control the quality of what's leaving the kitchen. Next time your planning a menu for an event and feeding lots and lots of people keep it simple! One well executed dessert would do! I beg you fellow Tomato Snobs no matter what the chef 
or venue says or how lavish you think three desserts sound it may look great, but I can assure you It will taste 
awful - case in point. 

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