Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goat cheese and pistachio truffles

These delicious morsels are super easy to make and are are so beautiful. They really make a splash at any cocktail party. I know this because I served them a while back and everyone went crazy for them. The truffles literally explode in your mouth and have an awesome contrast of cold crunchy and creamy the three most important C's of eating. I'm sure your all wondering what the heck are in these beautiful balls. The secret cold burst comes from the red grape center. No need to write out a recipe it's just too simple. You take a clean seedless red grape mould creamy tart goat cheese around it and then dust them in crushed pistachios - that's it! 

*cooks note make sure you make these right before you're ready to eat them or else the grapes get warm and the nuts get soggy. If you want to do some of the prep before hand mould the goats cheese around the grapes then refrigerate until ready to serve. Once removed from the fridge roll in your hand to warm the cheese slightly - it helps the nuts stick better and enjoy the expression on your guests faces when the truffles bust in their mouths. Priceless!

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