Friday, February 10, 2012

Donna Hay love

I have a serious girl crush on Donna Hay. She's a legendary food stylist and magazine editor from Australia. Donna is a power house best selling  author with 14 cook books under her belt with over 3 million copies sold worldwide. In 2011 she partnered with Royal Doulton to develop her own kitchenware line. She has also acted as one of the guest judges on MasterChef Australia one of my absolute favorite culinary shows (much better then it's American counterpart). In short I want to be her. Her simple recipes and elegant style is something any culinarian would be inspired by. I would absolutely die if I ever got to meet or work with her. Perhaps one day... a girl can dream right?


  1. She does have some absolutly gorgeous photos, no doubt! There is actually a Donna Hay Styling and photo challenge that Simone of Jungle Frog cooking does each month ( )that I'm actually thinking of trying so I can learn a bit more about how to get that great shot.

  2. Debra AlexanderFebruary 25, 2012

    Great post! I also have been blown away by her simple but magnificent looking food...she's genius! and i was compelled to buy a few of her many books! I'm not surprised that you love her too!


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