Monday, February 27, 2012

The ultimate gluten free muffins - banana strawberry

Hello fellow foodies. Hope everyone had a delicious weekend. Today I'm posting a yummy recipe for all my gluten suggestively challenged readers out there. These muffins pack a double punch of fiber from the oats & coconut flour and are filled with low fat goodness. Coconut flour is gluten free and has a beautiful subtle sweetness. Take that "Eat yourself Skinny"! I tease, Erin is a super awesome calorie crunching blogger. One of the best things about making muffins is that all you really need is a fork in place of  a whisk, a bowl and obviously muffin pan. I love making these muffins and freezing them - they make an excellent breakfast or snack after a few mins in the oven or microwave. The key is using over ripe frozen bananas.  

1 cup Gluten free oats (or regular oats if you aren't gluten sensitive) - divided
1/2 cup coconut flour 
1 tsp bp
1/2 tsp bs
1.2 tsp salt
1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla 
2 eggs - room temp 
2 over ripe bananas - mashed 
1tsp cinnamon or cardamom
1/2 cup 1% milk (or dairy free milk, you can also use 1/3 cup yogurt)
1 tbs high high oleic sunflower oil  
1/2 cup chopped frozen strawberries - save a few and thinly slice for the top of the muffins
baking spray - pam
PREP: Pre heat oven at 350 degrees. For the oats, I like to divide and grind (in Cuisinart or spice grinder) 1/2 of the portion, then use the other 1/2 whole. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl or glass measuring cup, mix. Whisk all wet ingredients. 
 BAKE: Spray muffin pan and fill each 3/4 full. Place thinly sliced strawberry on top. Bake for 20- 25 mins. Test with a toothpick after 20. 


  1. These look very tasty and a perfect way to use the frozen bananas in my freezer! I'm not sensitive to gluten but I'd certainly make these in a heartbeat :-) Cheers!

  2. They look great! I love freezing muffins too... so convenient!
    Also, I think you forgot to put an amount for the GF oats in the ingredients list?

  3. I love healthy snack..!! never been try to combine banana and strawberry but it sounds good to try.


  4. These look delicious! Having a gluten intolerance, I always struggle to find good baking recipes. I'm going to have to give these a try!

  5. Oooh, these are pretty! I love the strawberry slice on top :) I am always a fan of banana baked goods, so these would be perfect for me.

  6. I am going to send this to my friend who has to eat gluten free, she is going to love it! Thank you so much for sharing it!!

  7. The strawberry on top makes it so pretty! Great pictures, great recipe!

  8. These look beautiful! Wholesome and just sweet enough - just the way I love my muffins. Great recipe.

  9. These look fantastic! I will definitely have to try :)

  10. I have been hoarding bananas in my freezer and looking for something to make with them. I love the sound of these muffins :)

  11. These are so cute! I love that starwbverry on top and they look delicious :D

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