Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leftover Alert - Steak salad with honey lime vinaigrette

Tonight I have a late but healthy post for all you Tomato Snobs out there. I'm very sorry I'm not posting at the rate by which you've all become accustom to, but being an ambitious entrepreneur has left me with far less time for my blogging. I want you all to know I'm doing my best and promise to try for a few extra short post here and there with interesting foodie info to tie you over until my next recipe. This dinner salad is yum, and was literally thrown together with a bunch of leftovers I had hanging around my fridge. Who says leftovers have to be boring. Seriously, I dare you all to try repurposing your leftovers. some time. Ther results may surprise you. All you need is some  protein, salad greens, chopped veg, possibly a carb and a pantry item or two. I'd like to thank my dad & stepMO for providing said leftover grilled steak for this stunning creation. Now that I've got leftovers on the brain I'm thinking a contest might be on the horizon. Stay tuned - first I must find a worthy prize to offer up!

steak - sliced
steamed ulgar  (rice, couscous, quinoa really any grain will do) 
field greens
peppers - chopped
celery - chopped 

6 key limes - juiced (2 regular limes will do)
1 tbs honey 
pinch of salt & pepper
large pinch of tajin spice
3 tbs sunflower oil


  1. I just had a steak salad with a chili lime vinaigrette today! How funny that I come across this recipe now lol. It looks absolutely delicious, thanks for sharing, just started following your site =]

  2. Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to sharing recipes.

  3. leftovers are awesome! and this vinaigrette sounds amazing!

  4. We really need to work more salads into our rotation. I love the idea of just throwing this together with leftovers. Makes everything so much easier.


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