Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yum Tum - This Sunday at Evergreen Brick Works’

Calling all Toronto foodies. If you haven't heard about it yet, hear me now YUM TUM is coming up again this Sunday and there are still tickets available at the door for $15 smackeroos. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about and you live in Toronto, and you call your self a foodie then shame on you! Yum Tum is a fabulous underground culinary market that showcases the best and brightest new gastronomic talents. A meeting and greeting place for some of the cities unsung food makers and shakers.  What is so unique about this market is that it showcases home cooks and budding entrepreneurs the talent you just don't get to experience in the restaurant scene. I'm going to be there scoping it out, doing some tasting and looking for inspiration for my own culinary adventures at The Fooding Company. We are hoping to participate at the next Yum Tum so this will give me a good idea of what's missing from the market and what's amazing do not try this at home kinda stuff.  The concept is derived from a totally underground covert culinary ring in San Fransisco Basically the concept was a place for local forgers and home cooks to quietly offer their "goods" to an elite public with out having to worry about the overhead cost of restaurants, licences and commercial bs. Unfortunately like all good things the market was discovered by too many and shut down by authorities last August. Ms. Aviles the Toronto organizer has set up an excellent system by which all vendors must prep and cook in  Evergreen’s commercial, fully inspected events kitchen, thus keeping the market safe for all parties and protected from the threat of ever being shut down. I'm super excited for Sunday and hope to see some of you out there. Chow for now!


  1. You almost make me want to get on a plane and head Northwest - almost. It will be 76 here today... Love the blog!

  2. If only I lived closer to Toronto!


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