Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vegetable chips - look good, taste bad!

 I wanted to share with you some insider information on a little place called John Vince foods. Describing it as little is a pretty BIG understatement. This place is like Bulk Barn on crack. There are literally rows and rows of vats filled with any dry good, nut, fruit, chocolate, candy, seasoning you can imagine. Actually they are kind of lacking in the seasoning department but only compared to an actual spice market. Upon my last visit to John Vince I laid my eyes on what looked like some seriously beautiful vegetable chips. After my taste buds further inspected them I found these stunning chips to taste more like putrid vile death. Like they were injected with food colouring or synthetic rubbish instead of natural sweet vegetable goodness. The entire bag of chips were pretty inedible except for the surprising bite of yumminess which came in the form of a lovely puffed garlic chip. These are deadly delicious and will definitely give you dragon breath - totally worth it though. If you find yourself at JVF anytime soon do yourself a favor and skip the mixed veg blend and go strait for those little garlicy puffs of heaven. Also avoid the chocolate covered raisins - they're kinda grainy and dry. Most of the other products I've tried have been great. The dried fruit are top notch especially the cranberries I tried the last time I was there. They were nothing like the ones you get at the grocery store which are almost impossible to differentiate next to a raisin or dried cherry. The next time you need to stock up on bulk goods give this place a try. The size of it is pretty mind blowing and they have great deals on the jumbo 3L olive oil tins and passata a must have in any Tomato Snob's pantry. Over all JVF gets four stars but sadly the vegetable chips only one. Chow for now! 


  1. Sorry they turned out to be such a bust! Hate false advertising - at least you found your little piece of heaven in there though ;)

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. You're right, the chips certainly look pretty. Maybe you can use what you have left to fill an empty vase for decoration since they don't taste good :)

  3. Lol... yes vegetable chip Potpourri - perfection. What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Over here in the UK we have a store called Marks and Spencers. They do the most delicious vegetable chips. They do them in different wee bags: parsnip chips, beetroot chips etc. They're amazing.

  5. Liam - Marks & Spencers is one of the best stores in the world. I could spend hours just staring at the beautiful packaging of everything!

  6. I bought food dehydrator. Maybe time to try making vegetable chips? You're right. Those are verrrry pretty.


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