Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ear in F$%&Sh&$%!

Today I'm thinking about silly wives tales. I woke up yesterday with pain in my ear, which I though may just be water trapped in there, since the last time it happened my Dr. told me that was probably the culprit. As the day went on the pain got worse and worse and I started to think maybe I have an ear infection. Part of me thought ear infection? No Way! That's the type of thing only little kids get. I would have done anything for some relief, so I started to look up home remedies. There were all sorts of suggestions including drizzling oil oil in the ear or placing a hot towel over a cup and placing it on the ear. Dropping more liquid into my ear just freaked me out so I settled for placing a clove of garlic in my ear which did relieve some of the pain - I will admit. Waking up this morning my pain was even worse. Thank goodness I made a Dr's appointment for first thing today. It was confirmed I indeed have an infection in my ear boo hoo hoo. The pain has been terrible all day. When I told my mother in law about my infection she said "did you go outside in the cold with out a jacket?" It kind of made me laugh as do most old wives tales. No I obviously did not go out in the Canadian winter with out a jacket. She did impart some good advise telling me that applying heat to the ear would help with the pain. She was sort of right. Although it does relieve some of the pain I'd still like to rip my head off. Please don't expect too much from this Tomato Snob for the next few days. If anyone has any other home remedies I'm all ears. Lol... Oy!

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